About the Department

Electrical Engineering is based on Mathematics and it has found many applications in various aspects of our daily life. Many new areas of technology are developed using the foundations of this field which directly or indirectly impact various aspects of our society. Electrical power generation and distribution, computing systems, mobile and fixed communication systems, biomedical instruments and automation systems are samples of areas where the results of the activities in this field can be seen, Although Electrical Engineering is one of the new branches of engineering, in less than a century, it has found an important place among different engineering fields. Today it is almost impossible to find a single machinery or system that has not taken advantage of electrical devices.

Department of Electrical Engineering of Sharif University of Technology was founded in 1967 by giving admission to the departments first group of undergraduate students. Graduate department of Electrical engineering was founded in 1978 and Ph.D. department in 1990. From the beginning till the present time, this university is one the most honored and prestigious universities in the country. Every year 90% of the students with the highest rank on the national university entrance exam (Konkoor), which is taken by over a million high school graduates every year, attend the Electrical Engineering Department of Sharif University. Furthermore our department is the final destination for over ninety five percent of high school graduates who have competed in international Olympiads in fields such as mathematics, physics and computer science. In the past recent years the Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists in different scientific Olympiads in the country have mainly been this departments graduates. Statistic numbers show that more than 80% of this departments students have enrolled in graduate studies.

The department currently has undergraduate programs in Electronic, Power ,Control and Communication Branch of Electrical Engineering. The graduate studies of the department is focused on Electronics, Power (Power Systems, Power Electronics and Electrical machines), Biomedical (Bioelectric), Communication (Systems, Microwave and Optical, coding). Currently, there are around 1050 students who are enrolled in undergraduate programs, 529 in M.Sc. and 208 in Ph.D. programs.

The department is comprised of 62 full time faculty members. Furthermore Electrical Research Center of Sharif University of Technology and also Power Research Institute, Advanced Systems Research Center, Iran Telecommunication Research Center and some of the other Research Centers in the country are cooperating with this department on Graduate research activities. The department has 54 different labs for educational and research activities.