Masoumeh Nasiri-Kenari

Department of Electrical Engineering

Various areas of Wireless Communications including :

* Nano-networks and Molecular Communications

* Smart Radio Environments and Reconfigurable AI Meta Surfaces

* Green Communications

* Cooperative and Cognitive Communications

* Wireless Body Area Networks

Research Interest



Phone: +98-21-66164333

Fax: +98-21-66165994


* INSF International Research chair on Nano Communication Networks, for 5 years starting Sept. 2015 (total 3,000,000,000)

* Green Communication in Multi-Relay Wireless Networks, Swedish Research Council, 2015-2017

* Molecular Communications, Viterbi School of Engineering Research Innovation Fund Grant, University of Southern California (USC), October 2013-March 2014

* Cooperative Communications for Wireless Communications, Sharif University of Technology (SUT), 2004-2007

* Cognitive Communications and Resource Allocations, SUT, 2008-2012

* Efficient Modulation and Detection for UWB Communications, Iranian National Science Foundation (INSF), 2003-2005

* Spectrum Sensing at low SNR Regime, INSF, 2005-2006

* Establishing a Test Lab. for Wireless Mobile Communication, Iran Telecom Research Center (ITRC) , 2007-2012

* Multi Carrier and Frequency Hopping Modulation Schemes for Mobile Communication, SUT, 1994-1996

* Multiuser Detection and Interference Cancellation for CDMA Communication, SUT, 1995-1997

* Broad Band Wireless Communication, SUT, 1997-1999

* Combined Coding and Spread Spectrum Modulation Schemes, SUT, 2000-2004

* Advanced CDMA Schemes for Radio and Optical Communications, ITRC, 1999-2001

* Synchronization for Commercial GPS Receiver, ITRC, 1994-1995

Grants and Funded Research

* "Molecular Communications: Opportunities and Challenges", ICEE 2017, Iran

* "An Introduction on Molecular Communications", Iran Academy of Science, 2015

* "On Bounded Memory Decoders for Molecular Communications", ITA 2014, San Diego, USA

* "Diffusion Based Molecular Communications: Efficient Modulator and simple near optimal Decoder", EE Department, USC, USA, 2014

* "Diffusion Based Molecular Communications", IWCIT 2014, Tehran, IRAN

* "Cognitive Radio", ICEE, 2013, Mashhad, Iran

* "Cooperative and Cognitive Communications", SUT, 2012

* "UWB Communications", SUT, 2009


Selected Invited talks and Tutorials