Principles of Applied Superconductivity-25251

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Course Sched.:    Saturdays  hh:mm – hh:mm   Room # Barghx

                              Mondays  hh:mm – hh:mm   Room # Bargh x

Textbook: T. Van Duzer & C. W. Turner, Principles of Superconductive Devices and Circuits, Prentice Hall 1999.

Suppl. Text.: M. Cyrot and D. Pavuna, Introduction to Superconductivity and High-Tc Materials, World Scientific 1992. A. C. Rose-Innes and E. H. Rhoderick, Introduction to Superconductivity, Pergamon Press 1988. Charles Kittle, Introduction to Solid State Physics, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1996. M. Tinkham, Introduction to Superconductivity, Robert E. Kreiwer Pub. 1985. 

Course Outlines:

  1.   Review of Superconductivity and its kinds.
  2. Superconductive characteristics and thermal parameters.
  3. Parameters of superconductivity and flux quantization.
  4. Perfect conductivity and Meissner effect.
  5. London Model and Two fluid model.
  6. Applications of London Model.
  7. Principles and results of BCS theory.
  8. Ginsburge-Landau theory.
  9. Magnetic properties of (type I & II) superconductors.
  10. Applications of G-L & G-L-G Theories.
  11. Critical current and fields in Superconductors.
  12.   Principles of Critical State Models & Applications.
  13. Large Scale Applications.

Grading:       HWs:                              7%

(Tentative)     Quizzes:                        9%

                       Project:                         14%

                       Midterm:                       32%

                       Final Exam:                  38%